Our Programmes

We engage the community with the following programmes!
Youth Table Program

Is an in-school program that target 13 to 18 years teens and empowering them to be leaders in their communities ,home, schools and gain control over their life and their body and develop their confidence to fully realize their educational potentials

In this program we focus on:

● Sexual Reproductive Health and rights
● Life skills (emotional intelligence, Communication and negotiation skills, public speaking)
● Teen mothers testimonies
● Soap Making 

The seed I Planted Program

Is the kickoff meeting, mothers/guardians attend the program with their daughters and boys and discuss the "seeds" that are being planted.

The values that parents feel they are instilling in their kids and the values that the child feel they are learning from their parents

It’s an interactive session where parents and children discuss about serious issues affecting their relationships and life and what can be done to become good friends

We believe that parents are on the front line to teach and guide their child on Sexual Reproductive Health and rights so that they cannot get pregnant or impregnate someone 

About us

We are an educational entity that is committed to provide teens with carefully health information and entrepreneurial skills.

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